Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Tend the Soil: Annual Fund Launch!

RVC Annual Fund email header featuring title text "Tend the Soil with us" in yellow graidnet set against a backdrop that is primarily navy blue, representing soil. There are squiggly lines, sprouting mushroom, bacteria, and small bugs as texture throughout the image. RVC's logo in white is in the upper right against an orange color blocked corner.

Like so many of us building towards liberatory futures, we look to nature to see what deeply resilient ecosystems need for long-term health. Rather than seeding and harvesting year-to-year, we see the importance of prioritizing the health of the soil. We believe our work should be considered with that same lens towards a deeper transformation…as well as funding that work!

🌱Over the next two weeks, we are aiming to raise $20,000 and grow our community of monthly supporters by 25 new donors to sustain this vision 🌱

Read our new Annual Report to learn about RVC’s year of intentionality. RVC has been able to make possible with your support:

✨ 4th Cohort of Community Impact Fellows!

✨ 11 BIPOC Community Impact Host Organizations

✨ 18 BIPOC organizational partners receiving operational and capacity-building support

✨ 190+ staffers at BIPOC grassroots organizations supported by our Operations Team 

✨ Launch of Social Justice League, modeling sustainable, equitable, and just philanthropy

✨ 5 new staff to sustain and tend to RVC’s mission, several who are Fellowship alums we were ecstatic to have onboard!

image of report cover featuring the blue title text "Annual Report 2021-2022" in lower left, illustrations of spade, basket full of harvested produce, gardening gloves, and seeds on the right (in RVC brand colors); RVC logo in white in upper left corner. Flair and call out text to the right reads "Check out what we've been up to!" with the arrow pointing towards the cover image.
Click the image above to read the newly published Annual Report for 2021-2022; PDF with separate pages available here.
Video clip from last year’s Champions to Changemakers: 2021 Fellowship Graduation and Fundraiser 

Be Part of a Deep Transformation with Us.

You may donate by credit or debit card, or check by mailing it directly to us.

For other donation options, please email us at [email protected].

three illustrations in a vertical row. Watering can in yellow against a blue backdrop; yellow hand poking holes in orange soil with a digging fork; blue hands planting an orange start in yellow soil.

Donate by Check

To donate by check, please write, “Changemakers Fund” on the memo line and make check payable to:

RVC Seattle
1225 S. Weller St
Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98144

RVC is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with Tax ID 47-4257834.

Basket full of harvested produce