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Hiring Fundraisers to Serve Communities of Color – Part 3: Experiences of Fundraisers of Color Podcast

In our final installment of this series, we are bringing you a different style of post. We interviewed over 12 fundraisers, working in the Seattle area. We asked them to […]


Hiring Fundraisers to Serve Communities of Color–Part 2: How do I support my development director?

It’s time to hire a new Development Director! But didn’t we *just* do this? Our organizations see a lot of turnover in general, but development positions particularly see a high […]


Hiring fundraisers to serve communities of color – Part 1: Where are all the fundraisers of color?

Last month, we released a blog post about hiring white folks to serve communities of color, which resulted in lots and lots of comments from many of you–thank you for […]