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Social Justice League: Frequently Asked Questions

I’d rather give directly to RVC partners. Why a pooled fund?

Many of the direct grants or gifts our partners receive are far from sufficient to meet their needs, and each separate grant or gift requires considerable staff time to apply for and administer. A pooled fund establishes the abundance mindset our sector needs to make true, sustained change. With reliable, meaningful, multi-year funding, partners can begin to look beyond funding year to year or moment to moment, so they can pursue the long-term work our communities need. By spreading investments across multiple organizations serving different identities across missions and sectors—we reduce competition for resources and build a new ecosystem that lifts up a more equitable, more empowered community.   

But we already support RVC partners…why do I/we need to join? 

That’s great! Your support for BIPOC-led work has undoubtedly already made a difference in our community. Unfortunately, grassroots organizations like our partners continue to be incredibly underfunded compared to their white-led peers, leaving communities to compete for scarce resources and unable to realize the full potential of their work. This leads to a work environment we would never wish on anyone in our sector: one where incredible leaders and organizations must scramble to help communities meet basic needs and respond to crises through resource-intensive grants or short-term funding, year after year. The Social Justice League will build on support like yours with reliable, long-term funding so that nonprofits can plan ahead and build their work around a sustainable vision for the future.

This seems like a great idea, but it doesn’t fall within our grantmaking priorities. Should I/we join? 

If you or your organization has made a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the nonprofit sector, then the Social Justice League is a meaningful step toward putting those values into action. Restrictive grantmaking priorities have historically excluded BIPOC-led organizations closest to the community-driven solutions that drive real change, and part of our goal is changing how funders give. Our shared vision of an abundant, expansive, and equity-driven philanthropic sector will happen funder by funder, beginning with those willing to put the priorities of communities of color at the center of their work.  

What is RVC’s role?

RVC is the lead steward of the Social Justice League. We are responsible for fundraising, serving as a bridge to our BIPOC-led partners, and building awareness and education about how to build a more just philanthropic sector. 

Where is the fund held?

Social Justice Fund—a grantmaking organization deeply committed to the vision of a more equitable funding sector—will be the host of the pooled fund. 

Who can give to the Social Justice League? 

Anyone committed to the long-term health of BIPOC communities! While we expect that our early investment partners and those most positioned to lead the transformation of the funding sector will be institutional grantmaking organizations, individual donors will also play a meaningful role in reaching our goal. 

What is the scale of investment you are looking for?

This work requires transformational giving that can help raise the bar for funding BIPOC-led organizations. We are looking for six- and seven- figure gifts from institutional funders over five years. From individual donors, we are asking for a minimum commitment of $10,000 per year for five years. This represents roughly $250 annually to each of our partner organizations.  

What is the learning agenda component of the Social Justice League? 

While a transfer of resources toward BIPOC-led nonprofits is our immediate goal, we know that transforming our sector will take deep learning and unlearning in community. As part of the Social Justice League, funders will have the opportunity to stay connected to a community of like-minded, values-driven organizations—learning from and with others to influence a more equitable funding sector together. Guided by RVC, we anticipate that building a specific learning agenda in partnership with the RVC grantee community will unfold in 2022 as funders come together through the Social Justice League.

Who are RVC’s Partner Organizations that will be receiving Social Justice League funds?

You can find the complete list of Social Justice League partner organizations here.