Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Social Justice League

Communities of color have the answers. The Social Justice League will bring them to life.


Through the Social Justice League, funders and BIPOC-led organizations are coming together to make philanthropy work for communities of color. 

Through a pooled fund for RVC’s 20+ BIPOC-led partners, the Social Justice League will be a source of critical support for BIPOC communities most affected by injustice and hit hardest by the pandemic, and a model to inspire a new wave of sustainable, equitable, and just philanthropy. 

Unrestricted, multiyear support for 20+ BIPOC-led grantees

A unique cohort learning model for grantees and funders

A focus on capacity building

A movement to raise the bar for funding BIPOC organizations


It’s time to fix a funding system that keeps BIPOC-led nonprofits trapped in a cycle of underinvestment. 

Black, Indigenous, and Communities of Color have been disproportionately devastated by the intersecting crises of the pandemic, systemic racism, and climate change—but inequities in philanthropy mean that resources have dwindled. BIPOC-led nonprofits do their work with:

  • Fewer resources and smaller budgets
  • Little access to unrestricted funding
  • Lack of representation in the broader nonprofit and funding sector
  • Less support for developing BIPOC leaders
  • Underinvestment in systems change work addressing the roots of inequity

We’ve watched BIPOC-led nonprofits step up to support communities facing generations of injustice with resourcefulness, resilience, creativity, and collaboration. Now it’s our turn.


RVC exists to build a world where communities of color have the power to fulfill their dreams, and the Social Justice League is central to that vision. RVC will act as the lead steward of the Social Justice League, putting our deep community relationships and expertise in capacity building and trust-based philanthropy to work.

Our vision of empowered BIPOC communities won’t happen through any one funder or organization—it will take all of us

Through a unique founding partnership between the Satterberg Foundation and RVC, we’re modeling the trust-based relationships between funders and partners that will build a more equitable funding sector. We’re asking donors and funders to join this partnership, trusting that the solutions to our community’s deepest challenges are already here—they just need our resources.  

24 BIPOC-led nonprofit partners

Solutions and services designed by and for communities of color

Learn more about our partners.


Lead organizer and bridge between funders and partners


Leveraging power to build a more equitable funding sector

Satterberg Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Group Health Foundation

Host for pooled funds

Social Justice Fund


Let’s move from words to action. Join the Social Justice League.


Hear the demands of BIPOC Executive Directors Coalition of Washington State in their open letter to funders. 


Join our upcoming webinar on how funders and grantmakers can change their practices and break the cycle of underinvestment in BIPOC-led nonprofits.


Invest in the Social Justice League to catalyze $15M in unrestricted, sustained support to BIPOC-led nonprofits through six- and seven-figure commitments over five years. 

To learn more about how to become a funder, contact Hana Jang, Director of Development at [email protected].