Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Operations Support – Partner Organizations

Ala Garifuna — A non-profit formed by several women from the Garifuna community whose mission is to strengthen and empower Garifuna women with general education and expand our knowledge over generations.

All Girl Everything Ultimate Program — A program that strives to strengthen the Southend youth community through ultimate frisbee and other physical activities, organized by and for coaches, players, and alumni. AGE UP also runs social justice cohorts and hosts free summer camps and tournaments.

Alphabet Alliance of Color — An organizing alliance of all letters: two spirit, black, brown, disabled, femme, gender non-conforming, indigenous, pasifika, queer, trans, people of color who are healers, caretakers, dreamers, organizers, and community leaders. They serve an intersectional community and of all the letters above who are experiencing racism, violence, transphobia, and economic violence.

Collective Justice is a restorative justice organization brought together by a diverse group of survivors and imprisoned community members in Washington State. They focus on resourcing our communities to address violence and harm in ways that move us closer to wellness, accountability, and collective liberation, and away from state violence. 

Creative Justice Logo

Creative Justice provides a space for youth impacted by the criminal justice system and the school-to-prison-to-deportation pipeline. Through a community of participants and mentor artists working together to explore the root causes of incarceration, art is used as a vehicle to amplify their voices and promote change.

Families of Color Seattle: Working toward a vision of every child of color being born into a community that is racially and economically just. Founded in 2014, Families of Color Seattle is a women of color led non-profit that is connecting parents to build a loving community of families of color. They’ve connected 1500+ families, employed 35+ Parent Educators and Teaching Artists and fostered a healthier and stronger community of families of color.

First Five Years & Beyond — An organization that ensures children from low-income families in Africa are given the opportunity to get an early start to begin and continue their education. Their programming provides parents with the resources and skills to advocate for their children and support early literacy in Africa.

The Good Foot Arts Collective — provides youth violence prevention advocacy through Arts Education. We believe the platform of mentorship, Art and Dance expression and culturally relevant youth programs through the arts are essential for young people to express themselves creatively as we provide a safe space to learn, grow and thrive.

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Mujer al Volante: is the first program within the Latino Community that supports women by teaching them how to obtain their driving permit. Our approach identifies financial, social, family hurdles and sets up strategies and resources to successfully assist the families to release their potential while gaining mobility, self respect, self advocacy. Our program nurtures the right of women to follow their dreams, we help them spread their wings.


Renton Innovation Zone Partnership is a collaboration between the Renton School District and its surrounding communities to create strategies and improve the well-being of children and their academic performance. The partnership’s mission is centered around basic needs, community and family engagement, and early learning.

Restorative Community Pathways is an organization birthed from the No New Youth Jail movement. It is grounded in the belief that community is the source and location of justice, and the associated agency, healing, and repair with one another that is true restoration. Restorative Community Pathways is a result of community members choosing to heal through accountability to self and others, and finding a holistic way forward together as members of our shared community.

One Vibe Africa: Through creative cultural and innovative programs and events, One Vibe promotes social welfare and economic empowerment thereby lessening neighborhood tensions, preventing community deterioration, and preventing juvenile delinquency.

PERSS —Partners for Educational Reform and Student Success (PERSS) is an organization grounded in the belief that all children, young people, and students can thrive in environments where our communities and culture are respected and nurtured. PERSS main goal is to build strong partnerships and move towards the total elimination of exclusionary discipline practices and the reduction of disproportionality in student outcomes.

Skyway Coalition engages community in advocating for resources, projects, and policies that will enable the Skyway community to create a vibrant, walkable, ethnically diverse, and civically engaged community that involves the collective voice, wisdom, and expertise of its residents and business owners in ongoing civic decision-making. 

Somos Seattle: an organization for LGBTQ Latinx folks. Its goal is to engage in collective actions by bringing together an active community, sharing resources, and fostering spaces for learning.

Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond: an organization that works with Somali parents and students to embrace their dual culture while navigating the education system.

Surge Reproductive Justice — An organization that fights for communities whose bodies, lives, and families have been subject to state and social control. Their work involves ending reproductive oppression and ensuring access to reproductive health services and economic security for all people.

WA-BLOC — A group that empowers youth of color through academic, creative, and place based leadership. WA-BLOC envisions intergenerational leadership, restorative justice, racial equity, and youth and parent engagement to achieve transformative educational excellence for Black and Brown youth in South Seattle.

Youth Speaks Seattle — Youth Speaks Seattle has been the city’s premier collective for youth spoken word poetry, creating avenues for youth voices through creative writing instruction and performance opportunities. Over the years, they’ve conducted residencies and visited classrooms in nearly all of Seattle’s public high schools, hosted a thriving monthly open mic series, transformative all-city writing circles and explosive poetry slam competitions.