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Green Pathways Fellowship — Host a Fellow

Green Pathways Fellowship — Host a Fellow


People of color occupy less than 12 percent of leadership positions in environmental organizations — yet we know that there is plenty of vibrant talent and the passion for environmental justice work in communities of color. Rainier Valley Corps (RVC) and Got Green (GG) want to close this gap with a new two-year fellowship program. The Green Pathways Fellowship Program will launch September 2019, and we need your help.

Green Pathways will recruit fellows of color who will be placed in pairs to work full-time at environmental host organizations. The inaugural cohort will begin September 2019 with 20 fellows placed at 10 host organizations.

  • The Fellowship is a full-time 2 year program that uses a cohort model.
  • The cohort will participate in monthly trainings, workshops, and panels to build leadership, professional and technical skill development in the green sector.
  • The program will assign each fellow a mentor in the green sector and will create networking opportunities for the fellows to meet and learn from seasoned veterans of the green sector.
  • Host organizations will be a mix of nonprofit, government and business organizations.

Your Responsibilities

We need organizations to host a Green Pathways Fellow, providing them with a meaningful career experience in the green sector.

We are asking for organizations to:

  • Provide a living wage, medical and transportation benefits, a professional development stipend, and a technical equipment stipend, and an annual financial contribution towards the Green Pathways Fellow’s participation in the program. 
  • Commit to a racial equity assessment and racial equity work
  • Provide a dedicated supervisor who will help advance the racial equity goals of the program by working with RVC’s Capacity Building Coach, provide support and mentorship to the fellow and attend regular trainings on supervision and other relevant topics.

RVC/GG Responsibilities

  • Recruitment, interviewing and hiring of qualified fellows.
  • Monthly professional and leadership development training, technical skill building, mentorship, troubleshooting and supervision support for the fellow and their supervisor.
  • A supervisor at RVC assigned to each fellow who will work with the fellow to build out a work plan for 6 months, 12 months, and 2 years and will function as a liaison and mediator between the fellow and the host agency.
  • A commitment to support fellows for long term career success and to cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders.
  • An opportunity to hire the fellow after the program for potential vacancies in the organization.
  • An opportunity to be part of a systematic shift in providing opportunities for those who come from underrepresented backgrounds and help achieve the City of Seattle’s Equity & Environment Agenda goals.

Cost Breakdown

  • Fellow Salary: About $42k or $21.28/hour
  • Fellow Benefits: $5,000
    The Green Pathways living wage is calculated based on a report completed by the People’s Action Institute. I have attached a screenshot of a chart that indicates how much money is needed for an individual living in King County.  As you can see the annual salary for an individual is roughly 42k. I have also attached an updated study that accounts for the 2017 costs for an individual living in King County. The most recent report is titled “Still Struggling to Make Ends Meet.
  • Program Fee: $16,443 per fellow per year to RVC. The program fee will contribute to staffing to run the program, staffing to provide support for the equity assessment and support, evaluation, workshops/training, and mentorship for the fellow.

Type of Costs

The Fellow’s annual stipend is evaluated biannually by RVC according to the living wage needed in King County. It may vary year-to-year. RVC does not increase the minimum compensation over the two years of the fellowship, but host organizations may elect to give the fellow an increase from their organizational budget. The host organization is responsible for compensating the fellows’ salary for both years.

Employee Benefit Package
The host organization is required to provide equivalent benefits to the RVC that other full-time employees receive. The cost breakdown that follows outlines expenses a host organization may incur to provide insurance and fringe benefits. The actual costs incurred will reflect the host organization’s current per employee benefits cost.

Professional Development Allowance
Host organization is expected to allocate at least $1000 per year toward the fellow’s professional development. Fellows commonly use these funds to attend conferences and trainings. Professional development funds are not intended to be used to cover the costs of attending conferences or trainings that a member of their staff would typically attend.

Program Overhead and Administrative Costs
Host organizations pay RVC a program fee of $16,443 per fellow per year. These activities include: host and fellow recruitment and selection, retreats and convenings, mentoring and professional development, networking between and with the fellows, evaluation, equity assessment and support, and marketing.

Computer and Software Provided to Fellow
Host organizations provide the fellow with a computer, which they will use for the duration of the fellowship. Please note: additional software licenses (e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Create Suite) may be necessary for a fellow to complete their work and those costs would be incurred by the host organization.

Recruitment Timelines (TBD)

All host organizations will attend an in-person interview day with top candidates RVC has selected to move forward with the process.


Jan 2018 – Feb 2019 Info Sessions // Review Applications

Mon, Mar 11th, 2019 Application Deadline

Mar – May 2019 Application Review & Interviews

Mon, May 13, 2019 Priority Fellows Selected


Mar – Apr 2019 Info Sessions // Review Applications

Mon, May 13, 2019 Application Deadline

May – Jun 2019 Application Review & Interviews

Mon, July 8, 2019 General Fellows Selected

Program Timeline (TBD)

Estimated schedule, is subject to change but not significantly:

Aug 1 Official Fellows Announcement

Aug Host Orgs Onboarding / Initial Assessment

Sept 2 – 6 Opening Retreat + Fellows Onboarding

Sept 9 – Oct 4 Environmental Justice Leadership Academy
MWF – All-day training w/ RVC
TTh – @ Host Sites

Oct 7 Full-time at Host Sites

Oct 2019 – Jul 2021
12 hours per month to RVC related activities
One Full-day training
One Lunch meet-up (2 hours)
Monthly meetings with Flo to check in on leadership development
Blog Writing and other events

Feb 2020/Mar 2020 Mid-Year Retreat (2.5 days)

Aug/Sept 2020 End of Year Retreat (2.5 days)

Mar 2021 Mid-Year Retreat Year 2 (2.5 days)

Become a Partner!

Contact the following people about your organization and your interest to participate as a host org:


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