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Green Pathways Fellowship — Become a Fellow

Green Pathways Fellowship — Become a Fellow

The RVC Green Pathways Fellowship Program is currently not accepting applications and will close with the 2019-2021 cohort. The next iteration of the RVC Fellowship program will start in January 2022. More details below.

Program Structure

Green Pathways Fellows will be hired and placed, in partnership, with host sites for two-year fellowships. Here are some program highlights:

Sept 2019: Opening Retreat  — A week-long opening retreat to establish strong relationships and trust between Green Pathways Fellows. One of our values is community, and we strongly believe in building a foundation of trust at the start of the program so that the Fellows can learn from, rely on, and collaborate with each other in future endeavors.

Sept – Oct 2019: Leadership Academy — 5-week Leadership Academy, in which they will build a shared understanding around environmental and climate justice frameworks, leadership skills, and other professional skills to be successful in environmental sector careers.

Oct 2019 and Beyond: Work, Monthly Trainings, Convenings, and More! — Fellows work full-time (37.5+ hours/week) at host sites. Throughout the year, the fellows will engage in monthly all-day trainings as well as lunch-and-learn meetings, check-ins, peer-coaching, performance evaluations, and networking opportunities with community leaders. There will be mid-year retreats and celebrations annually to continue relationship-building and further reflection.

Fellow Requirements

We are looking for Green Pathways applicants with the following qualifications and interests:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • At least 1 year of demonstrated work, academic, and/or volunteer experience in social and environmental justice
  • Deep commitment to professional and leadership development
  • Strong desire to advance professionally at host organization, post-fellowship.
  • Passion for community work and social justice, with intent to advance in the green sector
  • Willingness to be vulnerable, introspective, and learn outside comfort zone
  • Available to work full-time at host organization for the duration of the two-year Green Pathways Fellowship Program


  • $21+/hour
  • Medical benefits
  • Transportation benefits
  • Paid time off: Vacation, holidays, sick, family, etc.
  • Professional Development Stipend
  • Technology/Technical Equipment Stipend
  • Additional training specific to the position

Other Benefits

  • Environmental justice-focused training
  • Monthly professional development training, networking lunches, and conferences
  • Fellows will be matched with a career environmental professional to get guidance and support
  • Fellows will also gain access to an expansive network of environmental leaders

Next steps

As the Green Pathways Fellowship Program closes with the current cohort, RVC is committed to developing a path forward to center young people in our programming in the future and is integrating environmental justice education into our core fellowship curriculum

After the current cohort, RVC will have one fellowship program consisting of 12 – 15 mid-level leaders. The next iteration of the Community Impact Fellowship Program will start in January 2022. Please visit the overview page to learn more about RVC fellowship strategic vision & upcoming programming. The next iteration of the RVC Fellowship program will start in January 2022. Learn more on the Community Impact Fellowship page. 


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