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Fund Our Futures Impact Story 3

Banner with salmon to yellow gradient featuring RVC logo at top, followed by a red ribbon with the words "Rooted in Vibrant Communities" right underneath it. Large white text reads "Fund Our Futures" and there are mitten-covered "holding hands" illustrations on either side of the title. Snowflakes dot the top of the banner.

Our final impact story of this holiday season is a belated celebration of our very first Operations Support partner, Families of Color Seattle (FOCS)! FOCS (pronounced “folks”) connects families, caregivers, and children of color through peer-led parent support groups; spaces to share culture, skills, and resources; and racial justice education and advocacy.

We have been in partnership with FOCS since 2015, when they first became a Fellowship program partner before becoming our first Operations Support partner in 2017, and this past year saw the close-out of this long journey.

We wanted to take this moment to look back and celebrate FOCS! 

FOCS had a grassroots start in 2013 built on relationships of trust, and being by and for BIPOC parents. This DNA of their start still connects to how they show up today. By the time RVC became a fiscal sponsor, FOCS had built up a network of families of color in Seattle, grew their staffing capacity, and expanded services and programming.

During our partnership together, we were glad to have been their support as they expanded to the greater Seattle area, grew their network to 4k families of color in the greater Seattle area, and adapted to serve parents virtually through their peer-led parent groups and family programming. In recent years, we saw FOCS increase their staff and transition executive leadership from founder Amy Pak to Christine Tang – who was a part of the parent program! –  as well as passing the $1 million budget mark!

From the RVC side, it was in conversation with FOCS that we saw how critical it was for there to be a centralization of operations – including finance, human resources, payroll, and legal compliance – as these are challenging barriers for small organizations that keep them from being able to focus on their mission.

We were also heartened to see that as FOCS built up their nonprofit systems and capacity, that they were able to do it without compromising who they are: they are still BIPOC-led, that they still collaborate with other organizations to build power for the communities of color in the greater Seattle area. They recently had their 10 year anniversary celebration where they celebrated building a vibrant community of families of color and reaffirmed their vision of children born into a loving community that is racially and economically just. In the work that FOCS does, we see the fulfillment of our vision: “…a world in which communities of color have the power to fulfill the dreams for our communities.”  

You can follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their newsletter on their website! They were also recently featured on King5 News.

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