Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

What are the expectations?

Below is the high-level summary of the expectations for our respective organizations. More detailed outlined expectations will be outlined when prospective fellowship host organizations advance through the process.

For the Fellow

  • Provide the necessary information (job description, work plan, supervisor…), supplies (keys, email, access to drive…), work space (desk), and organizational container (relevant policies, processes…) for a fellow to perform their assigned duties unless arranged otherwise
  • Support Fellows’ commitment to the Fellowship Program and ensure their workload is balanced and have the support they need from their supervisor (To learn more about RVC’s approach to supervision, please click here.)
  • Designated supervisor to meet fellow weekly (at least 30 min) to check on their workload, deliverables, professional development, and more

For the Partnership

  • Participate in onboarding, quarterly convenings, meetings with capacity builders and fellowship leads to coordinate capacity building services and support for fellow
  • Lead capacity building efforts for your organization by coordinating with the RVC capacity builder
  • Build & maintain a relationship of trust by providing and receiving feedback at least monthly to the capacity building + fellowship team. This can happen in the following ways but not limited to:
    • Monthly check-ins
    • Quarterly check-ins about our partnership and support of the fellow
    • 6-Month Progress Reviews with fellows + supervisors
    • Troubleshoot and problem solve potential conflicts or tensions that may arise which can range from miscommunication, expectations alignment, shifting commitments etc.

For the Host Organization

  • Facilitate a 5-6 month onboarding process and quarterly convenings for CBOs to build relationships, a co-learning peer space, and prepare for hosting a fellow
  • Provide onboarding support for host organizations to prepare for fellows arrivals
  • Provide capacity building support for all host organizations to participate in the Fellowship Program. The projects will be decided between the two parties that will best match with the priority and strengths of RVC
  • Provide ongoing support in addressing potential conflicts in ways that de-triangulate, seek clarity, and strengthen relationships
  • Facilitate the recruitment and selection process for the fellow position alongside the host org
  • Build + maintain a relationship of trust by providing and receiving feedback

For the Fellow

  • Facilitate the Fellowship Program by providing monthly training sessions, bi-yearly retreats, 1:1 coaching, professional development opportunities, support for public speaking and thought leadership, mentorship for the fellow
  • Manage the fellowship program which will involve responsibilities for issues of employment, compensation, benefits, discipline, and performance management in all aspects of the Fellow’s work in relation to the Fellowship Program