Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Host Org FAQ

What types of positions can RVC Fellows take on?

RVC aims to provide critical capacity-building support to host organizations through our fellows at the coordinator to manager levels. We prioritize positions that will build a larger skillset of leaders of color in the nonprofit sector. Thus we prioritize five key areas of responsibility for fellows to undertake with a preference for the first three:

  • *Operations: finance, human resources, IT, office management, legal/risk)
  • *Development: grant writing, donor cultivation and management, fundraising, and events
  • *Advocacy & Policy: campaigns, policy analysis, communications, and strategy
  • Program: program development, delivery, and management
  • Community Organizing: community organization and engagement, communication, organizing campaigns/mobilizations, events

Past and current fellows have held significant responsibilities within their host organization, such as operations and development managers, communications and strategic initiatives managers, campaign organizers, program and community engagement coordinators, and fund development managers. When considering positions for fellows, please consider the above five areas of responsibilities.

It’s important to consider how much capacity you have to train someone to build the skills for these roles. It’s reasonable to expect that you’ll need some capacity and consider who in your organization can do that and what would need to shift from their plate to onboard and train the person in the role.

When will a fellow start with us?

Sept 2025, and note that the first month of the fellowship program will occupy most of their time. Thus, you can expect more of their capacity to be available in Oct 2025 for the position at your organization.

Is there a cost associated with being a partner? 

Yes, the direct cost of the fellow to RVC in 2022-2023 is about $90,938.71 per fellow per year. This number does not include the additional cost of capacity building services or the entire cost of running the program. 

  • For those who wish to partner with us via the fellowship program, we will be asking the partner to pay a fee. Below are our previous rates to charge the host organization fee:
    1. Less than $50,000 in operating budget size = $2,500 per RVC Fellow per year
    2. $50,000 – $100,000 in operating budget size = $5,000 per RVC Fellow per year
    3. $100,001 – $200,000 in operating budget size = $7,500 per RVC Fellow per year
    4. $200,001 – $300,000 in operating budget size = $10,000 per RVC Fellow per year
    5. $300,001 – $500,000 in operating budget size = $15,000 per RVC Fellow per year
    6. $500,001 – $700,000 in operating budget size = $20,000 per RVC Fellow per year
    7. Above $700,001 in operating budget size will be based on a case by case basis

How much is the fellow’s salary and benefits?

  • For the 2025-2027 cohort, we are in active conversation to set a new and higher rate to respond to the economic conditions of the Greater Seattle area.
  • The 2022-2024 salary & benefits came out to: $67,807.66 per fellow. Salary: $55,770 and Benefits: $12,037.66

Does RVC train the fellow? What does that entail?

Great question! We do train the fellow but our curriculum is not skill building for individual positions. It’s focused on nonprofit leadership development and in the second year we have some focus on deepening skills related to 2-3 common buckets of work we see important to build capacity in all nonprofits: Development, Operations, and Program Management.

What is the fee for?

In order to establish deep commitment from partners, host organizations pay a fee based on organizational budget size. It is an investment into the program, services, in one’s organization, and towards the budgeting of this position post our partnership. The fees we receive for the fellowship program cover less than 12% of the true cost of the fellowship program and the capacity building work we do.

How are fellows selected?

In collaboration with the host organizations’ supervisor! We will facilitate the recruitment and selection process and we assess prospective fellows in the following buckets:

  • fellowship fit & leadership development commitment, and
  • role fit & experience

Can we recommend fellows?

Absolutely. Host organizations are an integral part of the recruitment process! We welcome your recommendations and to share opportunities about RVC Fellowship positions available at your own and other organizations.

For fairness, all fellows will go through a screening and selection process after application.

What if we had a staff member we wanted to participate in the fellowship?

That’s exciting! We’ve explored this possibility with previous organizations. Please fill out the application and contact Flo at [email protected] and Christian at [email protected] to discuss this question further.

Can we ask RVC questions to see if we’re aligned with y’all?

YES! We appreciate this! We welcome the questions and highly encourage it! We also encourage you to join us for an information session on _____(same link as the one in the timeline block)

If you have any additional questions, please email Flo Sum at [email protected] and Chrisitan at [email protected].