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Community Organizations Can Break Your Heart. Here’s How We Can Change This.

Denechia Powell, RVC Fellow, Families of Color Seattle I’ve learned a hard truth while working and volunteering at community-based organizations (CBOs) over the past decade: Community can break your heart. […]


Three Strategies for Decolonizing Nonprofits from a Black Queer Feminist Organizer

I’m critical of nonprofits, but only because I know we can do better. I began volunteering and working at nonprofits after becoming disenchanted by the Great Recession; politicized by gender […]


Rainier Valley Corps Is Why This Jaded Black Queer Nonprofit Worker Is Giving Nonprofits Another Try

Blame Barack Obama for my nonprofit career. His first run for presidency during my college years transformed me into a political junkie fixated on hope. Examining his life path convinced […]