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Attention Small Nonprofits: If You Care about Your Employees, Help Them Retire

Those that are attracted to the nonprofit sector tend to be a caring bunch. They are often paid under-market wages and work long hours, justified (by both ourselves and our employers) by the meaning we derive from our work and the good we are doing in the world.


Making Philanthropy More Equitable: Introducing the Equitable Grantmaking Continuum

At RVC, we have worked with dozens of grassroots nonprofits of color over many years. Some of those organizations have thrived, others have folded. When it comes to building healthy organizations, there is no substitute for visionary leadership and dedicated, driven staff, but every organization we work with has this. So what does it mean when nonprofits have talented staff and a strong mission, yet still don’t thrive? The answer: it boils down to funding.