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RVC is governed by a Board of Directors comprising of leaders from communities of color, funders, and other community activists:

Regina Elmi (President & Chair) 

Executive Director, Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond

Regina Elmi is a co-founder of the Somali Parents Education Board and believes the biggest role in this world is being a parent. She considers it a privilege to be working with parents like her every day and learning from them. Regina believes if we want to close the opportunity gap, parents and youth must be involved in conversations about systematic racism. She is a champion of community leadership and placing parents in leadership roles so they are the ones advocating for our children.

Angela Powell

Principal and Founder,
Imago, LLC

Magan Do (Treasurer)

Equity and Social Justice Grants Manager, King County WA

mindy huang pic

Mindy Huang (Secretary)

Coalition and Communications Manager,
Southeast Seattle Education Coalition

Mohamed Shidane

Deputy Director, Somali Health Board

Miriam Zmiewski-Angelova

President and Founder of 7th Generation Consulting

James W. Lovell

Director of Development, Chief Seattle Club

Rachel Greenwood

Operations Coordinator, Communities of Rooted Brilliance

Paul Laughlin

Deputy Director, Totem Star


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