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Community Impact Fellows Blog Round-Up!

RVC is invested in developing thought-leaders who offer innovative, informed, and culturally rooted reflections on the biggest challenges our communities face. Too often our communities’ stories are told for us, avenues to practice and share our learnings are few, and our own inhibitions can silence us. As a way to create avenues for leaders of color and communities of color take the lead in sharing their own narratives and becoming part of the larger discourse in the sector, the Fellowship Program includes an opportunity for fellows to do a biannual reflection on an experience, a learning, a challenge, or a topic of their interest.   

This edition includes a myriad of narratives from some of our current RVC Community Impact Fellows. The topics range from breaking the cycle of generational trauma to the necessity of centering community leadership in climate action to profound lessons learned from motherhood. We also have a fellow who used the format of an audio story to share the story of their name and offer suggestions for how you can respectfully learn someone’s preferred name.

Hi, my name is Penny, not Natalie

Community Leadership in Climate Action

Learning My Lessons, One by One

Breaking Generational Cycles Through Education and Prevention

Taking Another Look at “Work Culture”

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