Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Partner Highlight: One Vibe Africa

Madaraka Festival 2022; photo courtesy Outside Thinc

This month, you may have jammed out with our Partner Organization, One Vibe Africa, at Madaraka Festival 2022 at Pier 62! In addition to hosting amazing live music performances that showcase talent from across the African continent, One Vibe strives to “create a liberated African narrative through collaboration between Africans ‘at home,’ in the diaspora, and those in the West.” They seek to create a generative future for Africa through engaging the youth in cultural events, video content, education, music, and the arts.

🤝 Is there something new that your team has been working on that you’d like folks in the community to know about?

  • We have hosted African Dinner Series until earlier this year with support from the Seattle Foundation. These dinners featured cuisines from different parts of Africa, and also were opportunities to engage with one another and form strong community connections. We’re excited to bring this experience back later this year, likely in the Fall.
  • We are also looking to bring back Kijiji Night at the Seattle Art Museum!
  • We have also been working on structural transformation for One Vibe Africa. RVC has been partnering with One Vibe to review management and systems, and Sandra Amolo (RVC Capacity Building Program Director) has been working with us to review how we can build up youth mentorship, event production, and content creation.
  • We would like people to follow on Facebook and Instagram! We will be sharing on these platforms when the African Dinner Series and Kijiji Night resumes, and we’d love to see people come to these events.

🤝 Is there something new and exciting (in general) that you’d like for us to highlight?

We are excited to be bringing programming back! We have been working quietly behind the scenes these last few months. We have seen a lot of growth and 30% new members.

🤝 Any big announcements? Transitions? Comms or Blogs you’d like us to repost?

There are lots of videos on our youtube channel. We especially hope you check out the recordings of the African Dinner series: With Imani Blake & with Nigist Kidane, owner of Kezira Cafe.

🤝 Things you’d like the general public to be aware of?

We are growing! We’re looking forward to having more people to be engaged with our mission and events. We’re looking for new board members, volunteers for events. If you are interested, send an email to Simon Okelo at [email protected].

🤝 How can people connect with you?

Follow us (Facebook & Instagram), and come join us at the events we post on those channels!