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Partner Highlight: Renton Innovation Zone Partnership

This month, we asked our Partner Organization, Renton Innovation Zone Partnership to fill us in on all of the cool things that they’re doing in the community. From new buildings to hiring new team members to reaching out to the community and collaborating, they have A LOT going on. Read their full scoop below and make sure to connect with them at their links at the bottom.

🤝 Is there something new that your team has been working on that you’d like folks in the community to know about?

  • We’re in the process of renovating a former bank building to become the permanent location of the Skyway Resource Center! In addition to this we are working with several contractors (graphic design and videography) that will help us to visually share the process of this renovation, from start to finish! 
  • This summer we are hosting our first RIZP Summer Program called Summers in Skyway! Summers in Skyway is a collaborative effort to provide a safe and fun program focus for children that comprises inclusive activities for literacy, fitness, social skills, exploration, multi-sensory environment, and creative arts. Currently we have over 40 students registered and engaging in daily fun, summer, learning activities! A special thanks to all of the partnering organizations involved: Urban Family, the Brazil Center, The Backpack Academy, Glover Empower Mentoring, STEM Paths Innovation Network, WSU King County Extension Snap-ED, and Central Rendu of St. Vincent de Paul!

🤝 Is there something new and exciting (in general) that you’d like for us to highlight?

  • In May, we held our 2-day inaugural RIZP Retreat! We had a great time collaborating on the future of what our partnership will look like while enjoying great conversations, food and drinks. Here, we were able to collaborate with all RIZP Action Team Members (Basic Needs, Early Learning, Middle School Transition, and the Partnership Steering Committee), and strategize our new metrics while establishing realistic goals for our partnership. While this event was truly a success, we sincerely appreciate the support and hard work of all our community-based organizations, and partners. They are each helping to create an opportunity to drive change in our community for families and students. The RIZP could not do this work without their partnership, we sincerely appreciate them all! 
  • The RIZP recently presented in Los Angeles at the National Community & Family Engagement (CSxFE) Conference
    • The RIZP Team had a blast while attending the 2022 National Community & Family Engagement Conference in Los Angeles! A special Thank You to Building Changes & Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) for being great co-presenters with our Assistant Director of Communication during the session titled: Wholistic Approach to Student, Family & Community Partnership, Post Pandemic. While at the conference the RIZP Team laughed, smiled, and met so many new colleagues while uniting for every child’s opportunity! 
  • We created and installed a temporary Pylon sign at the former US Bank building for the Skyway Resource Center!
    • We have been working hard and diligently with partners and the community to design the Skyway Resource Center. With that, we are proud to share that there is a new temporary pylon sign at the former US Bank Building in Skyway. Currently, we are working with the community on how to best design the permanent pylon sign that will stand on the property. This topic will be discussed at the community design meetings.

🤝 Any big announcements? Transitions? Comms or Blogs you’d like us to repost?

  • We’re Hiring!
    • We are in search of a Program Manager. In this role, this person will develop and implement outreach and capacity building strategies for the community. 
  • The RIZP has a new office! 
    • We are now located on the campus of Renton Technical College, located inside of the Annex Building! Soon our website, email signatures and social media channels will all be updated to reflect our new move. We’re excited to continue our journey in a new office space within the community of Renton Highlands! 
  • We have a new action team! 
    • The Middle School Transition Action Team supports the academic, social, and emotional needs of elementary school students and their families as they transition into middle school. The team’s buckets of work include meeting with families and students to gather their feedback on how the elementary to middle school transition could better suit the needs of households. In addition to this, the team attempts to foster relationships and builds bridges between elementary and middle school.
    • Skyway Resource Center Dates – Click to view flyer
      • There will be vaccinations (infant, child, teen, adult) on site

🤝 Things you’d like the general public to be aware of?

Through the hard work of the Basic Needs Action team and with community feedback, the RIZP in partnership with the King County Housing Authority, announced earlier this year that the former U.S. Bank in Skyway will soon become the permanent home of the Skyway Resource Center, which will replace our existing mobile resource center. This will provide our community with more access to economic empowerment, educational advancement, health and wellness, and character leadership services in the Skyway community. The center is slated to open in 2023. To view the official press release, click here

🤝 Is there a call to action that you’d like us to push?

  • Currently with the Skyway Resource Center, we are pushing to get input on how the interior and exterior features of the building should look. In addition to hosting these conversations in person at our monthly Community Design Meetings, we have created an online feedback form for our community members to provide their input on how the Skyway Resource Center Should be designed. 
    • Here’s the direct link to the form, we will stop collecting feedback on this Friday, July 22: Building Design Survey (jotform.com) .These results will be shared with the public during the next Community Design Meeting on Tuesday, August 23rd. 
      • Future Community Design Meeting Dates (the location and times are the same, see flyer linked)
        • Tuesday, August 23rd
        • Tuesday, September 13th
        • Tuesday, October 11th 
  • The RIZP’s Early Learning Action Team is looking for a new Co-Chair!
    • The Early Learning Action Team focuses on increasing the quality and availability of learning experiences for children. The team’s buckets of work include: Increasing Kindergarten Readiness, Providing translation support and other family needs for student preparation. This action team also improves connections between early learning providers and schools, assisting with professional development opportunities and creating co-learning spaces for families, parents and children. If you are interested, or know someone who may be interested, please contact [email protected]

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