Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Ask Me Anything: Bianca Barnes (she/her), Operations Associate

Bianca Barnes (she/her), our incredible Operations Associate has moved away from RVC to further her leadership and growth to share her passion, wisdom, and thoughtfulness with the education focused organization, City Year. We already miss Bianca and we’re sending her so many positive vibes!

Keep reading to learn more about Bianca and join us in basking in her knowledge bombs.

🌱 What’s one thing that gets you super jazzed and ready to jump out of bed in the mornings?
The first thing i do is put the kettle on so knowing that coffee awaits me is the push I need to get out of bed.

🌱 What album has zero skips for you?

I can’t tell you the real answer to that because I don’t want anyone to know.

🌱 What’s top of your summer playlist?

Automatic by the Pointer Sisters

🌱 What would you want to eat for your last meal? What would you want to eat for every meal?

Filet mignon with grilled shrimp on top and the broccoli from Din Tai Fung, homemade mashed potatoes, and root beer. For every meal…oh man i feel stressed out by this question…Imma skip.

🌱 What are some changes you want to see in your lifetime?
This is like wildest dreams: the abolition and reconstruction of our education system.

🌱What’s on the horizon for you?
I graduate from my undergrad program in a month…it’s been a long time coming that’s about to happen in such a short amount of time. 

🌱What are some things you’ll miss about RVC?
I’ve worked in nonprofits for a very long time and I will miss how even though RVC is a part of the NPIC it tries really hard to challenge some of the things that are considered “unchallengeable” aspect of being a nonprofit and servicing communities. 

🌱Are there things you won’t miss about RVC?
Scheduling all staff retreat dates.

🌱Advice for future generations? Future fellows? Future RVC staff?

I don’t think I have any advice for future generations. I’m sure they’re going to figure out life just as we all have, and they’re going to do great!

🌱Any closing remarks?

I’m just really appreciative of the time I’ve gotten to spend at RVC especially since it was during a really terrible time for the world, and it was just nice that RVC provided a supportive environment for me to learn and grow, and a soft place to land when the world felt so insecure.


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