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RVC Statement on Anti-Asian Racism: Community Solidarity

[Update] See addendum for accountability statement.

RVC Seattle (RVC) strongly condemns anti-Asian violence in any and all forms. We stand with our AAPI community. We share our grief, fear, rage, and solidarity with the loved ones of the eight people murdered in Atlanta and their communities. We firmly state that this act of misogyny, racism, and white supremacy targeting people of Asian descent was a hate crime. 

The previous presidential administration tacitly endorsed the repeated use of anti-Asian slurs and rhetoric. Still used by current politicians holding office, racist stereotypes affirm those who harbor white supremacist beliefs.  At RVC, we understand that our words are powerful and must be backed by our recommendations and actions.

We condemn harmful narratives that generalize and objectify the women who were murdered in Atlanta at the hands of a white supremacist. Not all massage workers are sex workers. Not all sex workers have experienced human trafficking. But all people who work at the intersections of intimacy and gender deserve safety, protection, power, and to be seen and treated as whole, full human beings. 

From the murder of Vincent Chin to the murders of the AAPI women in Atlanta to the many murders that have not garnered media attention, the AAPI community remains resilient. We must remember to never forget.  We must acknowledge the wrongful past of white supremacy to address the white supremacy of the present.  And in doing so, we must see the common thread linking acts of white supremacy throughout our history:  It flourishes on division.

We call on our communities to name that the ongoing fight to dismantle anti-Black, anti-Brown, anti-Asian, anti-Native racism, and xenophobic, homophobic, and anti-trans rhetoric are not in opposition; they all stem from the same toxic core of white supremacy.  We resist media coverage that fuels narratives that turn our eyes away from the people who have not been brought to justice. We will not let white supremacy dictate the stories that impact our communities. 

We stand shoulder to shoulder to protect our communities and fight for our collective liberation. We will continue to do our part at RVC by investing deeply in capacity-building for our AAPI-led-and-serving partner organizations, building solidarity between communities of color, and taking a stand against policies and practices that are harmful to BIPOC communities. We send our love and support to the AAPI community.

Accountability Statement
TW/CW: shooting, racism, white supremacy

Dear Community,

At the heart of RVC’s mission is the belief that relationships, forged and fostered with love and compassion, are what keep our communities strong. We believe that relationships cannot hold themselves up on their own, but are raised on pillars of trust, accountability, mutual respect, and care. In the wake of the Atlanta shooting, after women of Asian descent were targeted and murdered at the hands of a white supremacist, we wanted to reach out into the community and share our devastation, grief, anger, fear, and sorrow.

However, in RVC’s statement condemning acts of anti-Asian violence and racism, there were many phrases that were too similar, and at times the same, as the deeply thoughtful statement authored by our comrade organization, Social Justice Fund. In RVC’s stand against the rising acts of white supremacy, we unintentionally echoed the shared grief of Social Justice Fund. The authors of RVC’s statement did not deliberately plagiarize nor had any intention of copying Social Justice Fund’s work. But it is too often that intention overshadows impact and the realities of those impacted. RVC acknowledges the hurt we have caused the Social Justice Fund family. We extend our deepest apologies and commit to a journey of trust-building and seeking accountability; a process we are taking with Social Justice Fund. 

As we all continue to heal from the tragic and targeted acts of white supremacy that have heavily impacted us all, we hope everyone can take time and space to care for yourselves and your loved ones.   

We invite community feedback in RVC’s accountability process. Please send your questions or feedback to [email protected]