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Transformational Capacity Building

By April Nishimura, Roshni Sampath, Vu Le, Anbar Mahar Sheikh & Ananda Valenzuela

This article was published in the Fall 2020 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review and is being published here with permission from Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Grassroots organizations in communities of color create solutions to the most pressing issues that disproportionately affect their communities. Yet, despite this work, nonprofits of color continue to be under-resourced and often struggle to survive.

This struggle is more often than not interpreted as an individual failing of one nonprofit or leader. However, a broader look at the nonprofit sector shows that the failure to support nonprofits of color is part of this chronic and systemic disparity—one that undermines the positive social change that nonprofits of color can create in the United States.

In the Fall 2020 issue of Stanford Social Innovation Review, a group of leaders at RVC reflect on what we are learning about capacity building and identify seven emerging key approaches in supporting the capacity of nonprofits of color. Read the article at the following link: Transformational Capacity Building.