Our RVC Block Party has been postponed to fall 2024.

Virtual wellness workshops for our communities

RVC has heard feedback from many of our partners who are looking for spaces for their teams to focus on connection and wellbeing in the midst of COVID-19 and protests for Black Lives. As a response we partnered with Communities Rise to provide a series of free virtual wellness workshops over the next month to our partners/communities. The workshops are FREE and use different modalities from Art, Dance and Mindfulness, Written Reflection to Altar Building… reserve a spot TODAY for the ones that best fit your schedule and interests. All workshops will be held virtually on Zoom.

Who are these workshops for? While all workshops center healing and wellness, some of our presenters will be catering to a specific audience: 

  • All Non-profit/Community-Based Direct Service Staff: As a response to COVID-19, we would like to offer a space for direct service workers to center their well being, and take a break with us. Folks who are involved in mutual aid work or who have not been able to work from home due to the nature of their direct work in the community are given priority for these workshops. 
  • Black Community Members: To honor the active global work happening in support of Black Lives and Liberation, we are offering Community Healing Spaces for Black folks. Anyone who considers themselves as a part of the African Diaspora (Black, African American, Afrolatino, African-Born) are encouraged to participate in this series to work with black healers and tend to the body, heart, and spirit during these times. 
  • Queer/Trans BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color): One of our workshop presenters will be specifically working with QTBIPOC around strengthening their activism work through rest and meditation.

Learn more about each workshop and how to register below. Please note the audience for each workshop. Also note some workshops have a registration limit and will be closed once we have reached capacity.

Workshops for Nonprofit/Community Based Direct Service Staff:

  • Miriam McBride – Black and Indigenous OrganizingMonday, June 22nd 5:30-6:30pm
    • Visioning and Writing: In this workshop Miriam will be presenting tools and exercises that will guide us to re-evaluate the places and things that we pour our energy into. As folks involved in the movement it is important that we are giving in places and ways that also give life to us. We will be analyzing what makes us excited, what are the things that make us feel purposely aligned, and what are the steps we can take to move more in alignment with ourselves for the greater good of the collective. Please bring paper, colored pens/markers, and a journal. You can RSVP here.
  • Milvia Pacheco and Naomi Macalalad Bragin – Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle: Thursday, July 2nd 10:00-11am
    • Altar BuildingEach participant will create an altar for daily intention, using materials that are accessible in their own spaces, as a way to connect to their own creativity and as a resource for personal and collective healing. You can RSVP here.  *Capacity: 10 Participants*  
  • Afua Kouyate – ADEFUA Cultural Education Workshop: Wednesday, July 9th 6-7:30
    • Creating Your Cultural Norm:Self-Motivation, exercise and grounding of the mind, body, and spirit through African Dance and other movement work. You can RSVP here.

Workshops for Black Community Members:

  • Naa Akua – Niles EdgeThursday, June 18th 3:00-3:45pm
    • The Art of Healing: The Art of Healing is a workshop that is used to hold space for your mind, body and soul. We will take our time to breathe, to create sounds, to listen to write, to empty, to fill, to feel, to feel, to listen again, and breathe again. You can RSVP here. *Capacity: 15 Participants
  • Liz Davis, CRM – HolisticU : Monday, June 29th 4pm-5pm 
    • Energy Work and StillnessThe Benefits of Stillness: This workshop provides 30 to 45 minutes of guided physical and mental stillness. Participants are instructed in breathing and visualization first being okay with discomfort then allowing the peace that comes with stillness. The final 10 to 15 minutes are dedicated to duplication of this practice in the home and away. You can RSVP here.
  • Dalisha Phillips, LMHCA, ATR-P – Love Light Energy Art TherapyMonday, July 1st 6-7:30pm
    • Art Therapy and Mindfulness: Art-making and creativity as an antidote to grief and oppression. You can RSVP here. *Capacity: 20 Participants*

Workshops for Queer/Trans BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color):

  • Dr. Glasgow, PsyD – Friday, June 26th 10:00am-10:45am
    • Strengthening Activism through Rest/Meditation: What comes to mind when you think of activism? BIPOC and QTPOC have been at the front of most social moments.  In an effort to make lasting change, most activists recognize the work needs to be attended to daily. What is often not discussed in activism is how to use and train the activist mind and body daily as a tool to create emergent and sustaining social movements. In this presentation, we will begin to connect with the wisdom of the body and heart/mind through a series of mindfulness exercises that will help promote deep rest as well as clarity and self-sustaining power. You can RSVP here.

Please feel free to share these workshops with your wider communities! We hope that you’ll take some time over the next few weeks to join us in prioritizing your rest, your healing, and your wellbeing. Remember, the work we are doing is for the long haul, don’t forget to pace yourself and take time for yourself..this is a marathon! If you have questions about any of the workshops, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]