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Star Trek and the Future of the Nonprofit Sector

Let’s face it, the last few months have been brutal. Dealing with the constant threats to communities and to democracy itself has been exhausting and heartbreaking, and many of us have been questioning whether we nonprofits are equipped to respond to current and future challenges. During these dark times, there has been at least one bright light: A new Star Trek show!

When hatred and xenophobia are on the rise, it’s nice to see a universe where diversity is a norm. From the two episodes I’ve seen, the new show, Star Trek: Discovery, is awesome. It’s not without flaws, of course, but this show, and Star Trek itself, paints a hopeful picture that we nonprofits should observe closely. And the Starfleet model in particular is something we should study.

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  1. Excellent post! The one thing that has amazed me since becoming part of the Not for Profit sector is the separation between the entities. The idea that NFPs are all fighting for the same dollars has led to mistrust and an unwillingness to work together. Ideas such as strategic partnerships or joint events are often shot down by ED’s or Boards that are unwilling to accept the “risk” of working together.

    The underlying issue starts at inception, as there is no control point at formation of a NFP. Another organization can be doing similar work down the street and yet a new NFP can appear.

    I hope your pilot becomes a beacon for a new level or cooperation, support and sharing across the sector. Best of luck!! –mike

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