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Rainier Valley Corps Welcomes Baby Billy, Newest Member of the RVC Family!

Image Description: A newborn baby with eyes closed laying face up on a white cloth with a single rose lying beside them.
Image Description: A newborn baby with closed eyes lying face up on a white cloth with a single rose lying beside them.

Hi everyone. Best and cutest news ever! Our Development and Communication Manager Jaleh gave birth to baby Zamara, aka “Billy,” last week! Congrats to Jaleh and Scott. Jaleh will take three months of maternity leave. That gives the team time to convert one of our small rooms in the office into a nursing/changing/baby-sleeping/read-out-loud room.

Baby Billy, welcome to the world! You are a part of the RVC family now, an adorable and important reminder of why we do this work each day. We will love and protect you, and when you are ready, probably when you turn five or six, your training will begin. You will learn operations, fundraising, supervision, program implementation, evaluation! Galas and logic models will run deep in your vein! You will breathe strategic thinking and capacity building! We will mold you into a warrior for social justice, like your mother, forged in the fires of Equity! The darkness will come to fear you!

Welcome, and sweet dreams.


Your RVC family

[Editor’s note: Jaleh, this is what happens when you’re gone! Vu goes off the rail! We miss you!]

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